Bokförlaget Stolpe

Craftsmanship, Scholarship and Quality

Welcome to Bokförlaget Stolpe. The publishing house was founded in 2018 by Marika Stolpe, who has 25 years of experience as a publishing director and publisher, including with Bonnier Publishing.

We produce specialist books of the very finest quality, which means we place a great emphasis on design, reproduction, printing and binding as well as high scholarly content. We cover a wide range of publications, and the subjects are often timeless.

The publishing house collaborates in full with the Swedish foundation Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit. Their vision is to support individuals, ideas and projects in the humanities and social sciences.

We publish books based on the foundation’s research projects, seminars and grants awarded to talented writers and scholars and we ensure that the books are available in Sweden and around the world.

Here on our website you can read about the books we have published to date but also about the books we have in progress. And sometimes – films, exhibitions or even virtual reality productions will be made from the material from some of these books.

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Photos: Stina Stjernkvist

Marika Stolpe

Marika Stolpe

Managing director and publisher

Marika Stolpe is the founder of the publishing house. She has worked in the publishing industry as an owner, managing director and publisher since 1994. Among the books she has produced are Sveriges sjökartor, Regi Bergman, Strindbergs världar, Dag Hammarskjöld, Fågelsång and Stockholm ett världsminne. She has also published books by the artist Jesper Waldersten and by photographers such as Lars Tunbjörk, Anna Clarén, Paul Hansen, Anders Petersén, Christer Strömholm, Martin Bogren and Inta Ruka.

Marika was also one of the drivers in launching major photo projects such as En dag i Sverige (‘A day in the life of Sweden’) and En dag i världen (‘A day in the world’).
+46 (0)70 586 07 26

Jennifer Paterson

Jennifer Paterson

Editor-in-chief and assistant publisher

Jennifer Paterson’s work experience is in the marketing side of publishing, where she has worked with communication, the press and marketing, primarily for non-fiction and photography books. She trained as a journalist and previously worked as an editor at the Swedish national television broadcaster SVT for cultural news programmes.

At Bokförlaget Stolpe, she has overall responsibility for producing the publishing house’s entire catalogue.
+46 (0)70 339 71 53

Jeanna Eklund

Jeanna Eklund

Assistant publisher

Jeanna Eklund has worked in the publishing industry for about ten years, primarily as an editor but also as a project manager and assistant publisher. She has worked most recently in the non-fiction segment but also has many years of experience publishing children’s books.

At Bokförlaget Stolpe, she is responsible for a number of book projects, in which she has the combined role of publisher, project manager and editor.
+46 (0)70 449 92 41

Ida Larsson

Publishing Coordinator

Ida Larsson was a freelancing editor and proof reader before she came to Stolpe, and she has studied Publishing at Stockholm University. She has a Masters of Education in Swedish and English, and used to teach at a bilingual school in Stockholm.

At Bokförlaget Stolpe she has the administrative responsibility.
+46 (0)70 772 55 21

Linda Parry

Project Manager

Linda Parry has been working in the publishing industry since 2005 and has an MA in Print Production from London College of Communication, University of the Arts. Her main focus has been on print production and has held a variety of roles within the discipline, both internationally and in Sweden.

Linda is now working as a project manager at Bokförlaget Stolpe where her print and repro skills are a great asset.
+46 (0)70 792 94 62

Jenny Kellerman Pillay

Project Manager

Jenny Kellerman Pillay has been working in book publishing more than two decades. She has previously worked for three publishing houses, primarily as Production Manager, but also as Editor in Chief, Graphic Designer and Publisher of Children’s Books.

At Bokförlaget Stolpe Jenny is a Project Manager.
+46 (0)73 699 54 27