The Book and Reading

(Bokens och läsandets förvandlingar)

The history of the book and of reading is also a mirror of Man’s self-reflection and the book market reflects our interests, needs and longings over time. Today the book itself faces challenges from new technologies. What can the physical bookstore do to survive – and why this fear of Amazon?

And what is really happening to our ability to comprehend when we read increasingly less on paper? Contributors to the book include influential names in research on books and literature as well as people from the business including Norstedt’s Eva Gedin and Storytel’s Rustan Panday.

Boken och läsandets förvandlingar
(The Book and Reading)
ISBN Swe: 978-91-89069-00-8
30 illustrations. 17.5 x 25 cm. 144 pp
Autumn 2019

Hilma af Klint


(Hilma af Klint: Tidsandans visionär)

The international art world has been taken by storm by Hilma af Klint’s art. From the initial success at the Moderna museet in Stockholm 2013 to the exhibition in New York’s Guggenheim Museum, the Ax:son Johnson Foundation have arranged a number of international seminars in conjunction with the exhibitions, in order to promote knowledge about Hilma af Klint and set her pioneering work in a historical context.

The topics range from early abstract art, the impact of Darwinism and Goethe’s Theory of Colour to the importance of occult religious movements, such as Theosophy and Anthroposophy, that influenced the early modernists and Hilma af Klint.

This book is part of a series of three titles. Two other titles will be published in 2020.

Hilma af Klint: Visionary
(Hilma af Klint: Tidsandans visionär)
ISBN Eng: 978-91-639-7203-4
ISBN Swe: 978-91-985237-0-6
60 illustrations. 28.5 x 22.5 cm.190 pp
Autumn 2019

Hilma af Klint: Notebooks

Hilma af Klint Notebook: The Ten Largest No.1 Childhood Group IV
Hilma af Klint Notebook: The Ten Largest No 3. Youth Group IV

Hilma af Klint was a pioneer of art who made a turn from visible to spiritual reality. Hilma af Klint perceived a spiritual dimension and envisioned contexts beyond the perceptions of the ordinary senses. When painting, she alleged that she was in contact with beings of higher levels of consciousness. Her mission was to understand and communicate the various dimensions of human existence.

These blank paged notebooks, with covers featuring some of Hilma af Klint’s most iconic art work, come in two different colours.

Hilma af Klint: Notebooks
(Hilma af Klint: Anteckningsböcker)
ISBN Blue Notebook: 978-91-89069-21-3
ISBN Yellow Notebook: 978-91-89069-22-0
Autumn 2019

Rural Urbanism

When summer arrives, tourists replace the city’s usual residents, who instead flock to the countryside. But more and more people are moving to – or closer to – big cities, and they no longer work the land. At the same time, we are still as dependent on what the countryside has to offer in terms of food. What role will our rural designs and the cultivation of organic food play in the future?

New Ruralism and Rural Agrarian Urbanism may provide solutions to these challenges. This book, with contributions from leading experts in the field, addresses issues such as sustainable food production and community planning.

Rural Urbanism
ISBN Eng: 9978-91-985-2368-3
36 illustrations. 16 x 22.5 cm. 136 pp
Autumn 2019

Decadence and Decay

From Ancient Rome to the Present

The fear of living in the end times has a long history. In Decadence and Decay, a group of distinguished international scholars describe how societies over time have handled and interpreted the concept of decline. In times of unrest and transition, “declinism”, the notion that a culture or civilisation is headed towards irreversible decline, tends to capture the public imagination.

The essays in this volume address how notions of decadence and decay have been used both as opprobrium and as a form of self-definition and empowerment – an instrument to protect individualism against collectivistic oppression. From ancient Rome to the present, ideas and expressions of decadence and decay have played a critical role in how we perceive the world.

Decadence and Decay – From Ancient Rome to the Present
ISBN Eng: 978-91-985236-5-2
90 illustrations. 25 x 29 cm. 296 pp
Published: Autumn 2019

Populismens idéer

Från antikens Rom till idag

(Populism – From Ancient Rome to the Present)

“Populist” has become one of the most popular insults of our time. In this anthology, some of Sweden’s most interesting opinion makers and social scientists consider the question of what populism is, from a historical and contemporary perspective, and whether politics can ever completely relinquish populist ideas.

Is our era experiencing a genuine rise in populist ideas, in response to ever growing interest in them? If that is the case, where do these ideas have a particular impact and where do they have a hard time gaining traction? Is it possible to identify a common denominator for populist movements or can each be understood simply on its own terms?

Text in Swedish
ISBN Swe: 978-91-985236-2-1
30 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm. 150 pp
Published: Autumn 2019

Den kinesiska idén

Från Konfucius till Xi Jinping

(The Chinese Idea – From Confucius to Xi Jinping)

Xi Jinping has established an iron grip on the world’s most populous country, and in terms of ideas, China is also taking a larger place in the world. What role do nationalism and longer historical perspectives play? In these five essays, some of Sweden’s most prominent sinologists consider the foundational ideas of China – from Confucius to today.

Text in Swedish
ISBN Swe: 978-91-639-7204-1
30 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm. 80 pp
Summer 2019

The Sampans from Canton
The Sampans from Canton

The Sampans from Canton

(Sampanerna från Kanton)

The Sampans from Canton is an award-winning book consisting of 99 Chinese gouaches from the second half of the 18th century. In minute detail, they depict an entire community afloat on the water, with the various sampan vessels used for everything from the sale of fruit and religious ceremonies to warfare and thievery.

Together, these gouaches constitute one of the largest collections of hand-painted Chinese works preserved from this period.

The Sampans from Canton
(Sampanerna från Kanton)
ISBN Eng: 978-91-639-7202-7
ISBN Swe: 978-91-639-7201-0
99 illustrations. 27 x 36 cm.
220 + 48 pp of stand-alone essays
Published: Autumn 2018

The Sampans from Canton

The Sampans from Canton

Bibliophile Edition

The Sampans from Canton is also available in a Bibliophile edition of 49 copies signed by the Chairman of Nordstjernan, Viveca Ax:son Johnson.

The limited edition consists of the book, in a silk-clad box, along with a separate print of one of the paintings in a silk-clad portfolio.

The Sampans from Canton
Bibliophile edition (English) ISBN 978-91-639-7203-4
Published: Autumn 2018

The Engelsberg Series
The Engelsberg Series

The Engelsberg Series

The internationally renowned Engelsberg seminar takes place every summer in Engelsberg, Sweden, with the participation of internationally distinguished public intellectuals, scholars and politicians who address the most pressing issues of our time such as Religion, Knowledge and Information, Russia and World Order. The Engelsberg seminar has been labelled “the most intellectually stimulating conference in Europe”.

Each volume presents the most interesting and knowledgeable perspectives of today’s intellectuals, scholars and thinkers, considering each topic with a view to the past, the present and our common future. Each volume is published in Swedish and in English with a limited run of 25 copies and is hand bound by Leonard Gustafsson Bookbindery. The cover is made of goatskin and paper hand-marbled in England. The title is gilt-stamped into the cover. The Engelsberg Series is available for sale only through the publishing house.

Knowledge and Information
(Kunskap och information)
ISBN Eng: 978-91-985237-1-3
ISBN Swe: 978-91-985237-2-0
90 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm. 340 pp
Published: Summer 2019

The Swedish Success Story
(Den svenska framgångssagan)
ISBN Eng: 978-91-985237-4-4
ISBN Swe: 978-91-985237-3-7
90 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm. 340 pp
Published: Summer 2019

The Return of Geopolitics
(Geopolitikens återkomst)
ISBN Eng: 978-91-985236-1-4
ISBN Swe: 978-91-985236-0-7
90 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm. 340 pp
Published: Summer 2019

The following titles will also be released:
Past and Present
Nation, State and Empire
Politics and Ideology
On Capitalism
On the Idea of America
On Russia
The Secular State & Society
What is the West?
The Future of Religion
Towards a Cosmopolitan Culture?
Consciousness, Genetics and Society
Empire and the Future World Order
Media and Media Power
Visions of the Future
The Pursuit of Europe