Swedish Grace

A Forgotten Modernism

(Swedish Grace – En bortglömd modernism)

Swedish Grace is the most celebrated of all periods and styles of Swedish architecture. The Stockholm City Library, the Chapel of the Resurrection at the Woodland Cemetery outside Stockholm and the Stockholm Concert Hall, are all world-famous and among the most highly regarded buildings in Sweden.

This anthology is an updated release of the sold-out Swedish Grace – The Forgotten Modern. Eleven scholars of various nationalities discuss Swedish Grace from different angles, highlighting its contemporary relevance.

Swedish Grace – En bortglömd modernism
(Swedish Grace – A Forgotten Modernism)
ISBN Swe: 978-91-985236-7-6
153 illustrations. 23 x 31 cm. 232 pp.
Design: Patric Leo
Spring 2020

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Wallpapers Through Times

Perspectives from the Engelsberg World Heritage Site

(Tapeter genom tiderna – Perspektiv från värdlsarvet Engelsbergs bruk)

Over the centuries, wallpaper has been one of our most important wall decorations. Attitudes to wallpaper have changed through time, especially in recent decades. However, today there is a strong and growing interest in wallpaper and the historic preservation of buildings.

As the first stand-alone volume in a series on the Engelsberg World Heritage Site, this book provides an understanding of the history of wallpaper. Through numerous pictures, both historical and modern, the experts in the field provide us with an in-depth look into wallpaper, both as a craft and as an expression of different decorative ideals.

Tapeter genom tiderna
– Perspektiv från världsarvet Engelsbergs bruk
(Wallpapers Through Time
– Perspectives from the Engelsberg World Heritage Site)
ISBN Swe: 978-91-89069-03-9
130 illustrations. 24 x 30.5 cm. 200 pp
Spring 2020

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Essays on Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs is an icon in urban planning. She became world-famous with her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities,  through which  she became a key figure in urban planning issues.

In this anthology, thirteen writers consider unique aspects of the burning questions she raises concerning what fundamentally makes a society sustainable.

Essays on Jane Jacobs
ISBN: 978-91-985-2369-0​
65 illustrations. 16 x 22.5 cm. 300 pp
Design: Patric Leo
Spring 2020

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