The Engelsberg series

The internationally renowned Engelsberg seminar takes place every summer in Engelsberg, Sweden, with the participation of internationally distinguished public intellectuals, scholars and politicians who address the most pressing issues of our time such as Religion, Knowledge and Information, Russia and World Order. The Engelsberg seminar has been labelled “the most intellectually stimulating conference in Europe”.

Each volume presents the most interesting and knowledgeable perspectives of today’s intellectuals, scholars and thinkers, considering each topic with a view to the past, the present and our common future. Each volume is published in Swedish and in English with a limited run of 25 copies and is hand bound by Leonard Gustafsson Bookbindery. The cover is made of goatskin and paper hand-marbled in England. The title is gilt-stamped into the cover.

The Engelsberg Series is available for sale through Bokförlaget Stolpe only.

Knowledge and Information

(Kunskap och information)

ISBN Eng: 978-91-98523-71-3
ISBN Swe: 978-91-98523-72-0
90 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm (portrait). 352 pp
Published: Summer 2019

The Swedish Success Story

(Den svenska framgångssagan)

ISBN Eng: 978-91-98523-74-4
ISBN Swe: 978-91-98523-73-7
90 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm (portrait). 376 pp
Published: Summer 2019

The Return of Geopolitics

(Geopolitikens återkomst)

ISBN Eng: 978-91-98523-61-4
ISBN Swe: 978-91-98523-60-7
90 illustrations. 24 x 17 cm (portrait). 320 pp
Published: Summer 2019



ISBN Sv: 978-91-985237-6-8
ISBN Eng: 978-91-985237-7-590
illustrations. 24 x 17 cm (portrait). 320 pp
Published: Autumn 2020

Past and Present

(Om historien)

ISBN Sv: 978-91-89069-12-1
ISBN Eng: 978-91-89069-13-890
illustrations. 24 x 17 cm (portrait). 320 pp
Published: Autumn 2020



ISBN Sv: 978-91-89069-15-2
ISBN Eng: 978-91-89069-31-290
illustrations. 24 x 17 cm (portrait). 396 pp
Published: Spring 2021

Upcoming Titles in the Engelsberg series

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Politics and Ideology
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The Secular State & Society
What is the West?
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Towards a Cosmopolitan Culture?
Consciousness, Genetics and Society
Empire and the Future World Order
Media and Media Power
Visions of the Future
The Pursuit of Europe