Hilma af Klint

Daniel Birnbaum introduces the first volume of Hilma af Klints Catalogue Raisonné – Spiritualistic Drawings (1889-1910).

The abstraction in Hilma af Klint’s pictures developed over time; it was a process in which a group of female friends, The Five, played a major role. The members of the group acted as mediums and deemed themselves receivers of messages from spirits regarding the development of humanity. 

Daniel Birnbaum introduces the second volume of Hilma af Klints Catalogue Raisonné -The Paintings for the Temple (1906-1915).

The Paintings for the Temple is the best known of Hilma af Klint’s series of works. These mostly abstract paintings, including The Ten Largest, came to the artist – she claims – mediumistically. The series illustrates the message to humanity that she believed had come to her by way of the High Masters. 


Daniel Birnbaum introduces the third volume of Hilma af Klints Catalogue Raisonné -The Blue Books.

In ten blue sketchbooks Hilma af Klint’s presented miniatures for The Paintings for the Temple, photographs as well as aquarelles. Hilma af Klint travelled with these books in order to show the world her creations in a more accessible format.