Wallpapers Through Times

Perspectives from the Engelsberg World Heritage Site

(Tapeter genom tiderna – Perspektiv från världsarvet Engelsbergs bruk)

Over the centuries, wallpaper has been one of our most important wall decorations. Attitudes to wallpaper have changed through time, especially in recent decades. However, today there is a strong and growing interest in wallpaper and the historic preservation of buildings.

As the first stand-alone volume in a series on the Engelsberg World Heritage Site, this book provides an understanding of the history of wallpaper. Through numerous pictures, both historical and modern, the experts in the field provide us with an in-depth look into wallpaper, both as a craft and as an expression of different decorative ideals.

Text in Swedish
Tapeter genom tiderna
– Perspektiv från världsarvet Engelsbergs bruk
ISBN: 978-91-8906-903-9
130 illustrations. 24 x 30.5 cm. 200 pp.
Design: Patric Leo
Spring 2020

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Essay Authors

Maria Björkroth is an antiquarian at Dalarna Museum in Falun, Sweden, with documentation and knowledge communication around culturally historical objects as one of her areas of expertise.

Svante Helmbaek Tirén is a writer and curator and specialises in architectural and decorational history. He has worked with the Axel and Margaret Ax.son Johson Foundation for Public Benefit since 2009.

Sara Lundström is a designer, craftsperson and pedagogue, and works at Handtryckta Tapeter, a company that among other things specialise in reconstructing and reprinting historic wallpapers. She has studied at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

Martin Olin is a senior lecturer and head of research at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. Between 2013 and 2015 he was the deputy director of the Swedish Institute in Rome.

Stina Odlinder Haubo has a Bachelor of Arts and is a researcher who writes about interior design in various magazines and books.

Mats Qwarfordt is a constructor of wallpapers and runs the Hantryckta Tapeter, a company that among other things specialise in reconstructing and reprinting historic wallpapers.

Lars Sjöberg is an art historian, sculptor, graphic artist, writer and has been the superintendent at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

Ursula Sjöberg is an art historian who wrote her dissertation on the architect C.C. Gjörwell.

Erika Åberg is a building antquarian who studied at the Colleges of Gotland and Gävle. As a freelancing writer and lecturer she focuses on building preservation.