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Amber D. Carpenter

Author, Författare

Amber Carpenter (Yale-NUS College) has published widely in ancient Greek philosophy (focus on Plato), and Indian Buddhist philosophy, both separately and increasingly by creating philosophical conversations between the two — including leading an international research project on Buddhist-Platonist Dialogues (, with a volume forthcoming with OUP.

Having pursued questions in metaphysics, epistemology and mind, as they connect to ethical questions, she is currently elaborating a distinctive ethical perspective, found in Plato and in Indian Buddhists, which sees ethical transformation as effected by knowing impersonal reality. She has held research fellowships at Yale, Melbourne and York, and with the Einstein Forum (Potsdam) and the Templeton Religious Trust (‘Ethical Ambitions and Their Formations of Character’, part of the Moral Beacon project). Her co-edited collection of Portraits of Integrity, emerging from the Integrity Project (, appeared in 2020.

Books by Amber D. Carpenter

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