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Jesper Huor

Author, Författare

Jesper Huor lives in Stockholm. He is a writer, documentary-maker and journalist with a background in art schools and studies in the humanities. He holds degrees from the Stockholm School of Journalism and the Swedish Institute of Dramatic Art.

He has worked for the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, Swedish Radio and Swedish Television, and has served on the board of the Swedish Publicists’ Association and the Swedish Writers’ Union. Huor has made a number of TV and radio documentaries, winning the Radio Academy’s ‘Stora Radiopriset’ award for Bibliotekarien – boktjuven som sprängdes (‘The Librarian – the Book Thief who Was Blown Up’), which was also dramatised for the stage at Stockholm’s Stadsteatern. His debut book Sista resan till Phnom Penh (‘The Last Journey to Phnom Penh’, 2006) was acclaimed by critics and has been published in Danish and Norwegian translations. His second book, I väntan på talibanerna (‘Waiting for the Taliban’, 2010) is a volume of reportage from war-torn Afghanistan. His latest book, Förgör de falska gudarna – Palmyra och kriget mot kulturarvet (‘Destroy the False Gods – Palmyra and the War on Cultural Heritage’, 2023), is about the Islamic State’s occupation of the city of Palmyra in the Syrian desert.

Books by Jesper Huor

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