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Yolande Barnes, Erica Benner etc

City, Civility and Capitalism : A Historical Perspective

Using Renaissance Italy as a starting point where the first trading town was born the writers of this anthology bring us on a journey to modern cities and societies, and explore how architecture, urban planning and trade have contributed to civility and political order.

This anthology explores how Architecture, Urban Planning and Trade have contributed to Civility and Political order. Using Renaissance Italy, where the first trading town was born, as a starting point, the writers bring us on a journey to modern cities and societies. How can we create urban environments where the individual can flourish? Can townscapes in their own right generate happiness, and what role does architecture and trade play in creating civilised societies?

  • ISBN: 9789189069145
  • Published: 2020-12-18
  • Graphic design: Patric LeoPetra Ahston Inkapööl
  • Illustrated. 178x249x19 mm. 140 pages.

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