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Daniel Birnbaum

Hilma af Klint : the paintings for the temple 1906-1915

This is the best known of Hilma af Klints series of works. These mostly abstract paintings, including The Ten Largest, came to the artist she claims herself mediumistically in this period. The series illustrates the message to humanity that she deemed had come to her by way of the High Masters.

The Paintings for the Temple is Hilma af Klints most significant series and consists of 193 works among them the iconic The Ten Largest. The paintings, that according to af Klint, were an assignment from the spirit world, were created outside of the group The Five, together with Anna Cassel and Augusta Gusten Andersson, among others. The series can be understood as af Klints quest for a fundamental oneness. A oneness that existed when the world was created, but which was then lost, giving way to a world of dualities: good and evil, woman and man, matter and spirit. The different series attempt to unite these opposites, and at the same time they reveal af Klints many influences from the era she lived through.

  • ISBN: 9789189069114
  • Published: 2020-11-09
  • Graphic design: Patric Leo
  • Illustrated. 250x315x27 mm. 230 pages.
Press contact:
Therese Melander


Daniel Birnbaum is the Artistic director of Acute Art, London.

Kurt Almqvist is CEO at the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit.

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