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Kjell A. Nordström

The Monkey and the Money. A history of capitalism

Apes that exchange things. That is what we are. At some point around two million years ago, we discovered that we could exchange one thing for another. Since then, humans have continued trading and exchanging things throughout economic history. Clever humans also invented capital, which we used to shape our whole economic system. In this information-packed, entertaining, eye-opening book, Kjell A. Nordström guides us from the collaborative origins of prehistoric bartering to Adam Smiths concept of specialisation. He shows how we have used our endless inventiveness to transform our planet into a colossal, pulsating bazaar, where everyone is trading with one another all over the world, around the clock. How did we end up here? And what does the future hold for our immense, complex global economy that has now started to appear vulnerable? Dr Nordström provides hope that we will find new ways to continue our endless trading and exchanging. New ways that involve and take into account nature, our other vital source of capital: not created by us, butcrucial to our wellbeing.



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