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Arts and Crafts at Engelsberg Ironworks

  • 7 May, 2024
  • Author: Therese-melander

On April 25, we organized the seminar “Arts and Crafts – Ideas that changed the world” at Engelsberg Ironworks. At the seminar, we heard about art critic John Ruskin and textile designer William Morris, among others. We also gained insights into new research focusing on the women behind the Arts and Crafts movement – a glimpse into their homes and history, and how they have influenced both British and Swedish households.

Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson, Howard Hull, Rowan Bain, Suzanne Fagence Cooper, Karen Livingstone, Svante Tirén, Richard Bisgrove, Qaisra Khan, Kirsty Hartsiotis och Cilla Robach.

Copyrights: Evelina Carbon

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