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In conjunction with the publication of a catalogue raisonné of Hilma af Klint’s works, the publishing company also produced filmed interviews with a number of researchers, art historians and authors.

Interviews with Daniel Birnbaum

Hear Daniel Birnbaum talk about Hilma af Klint’s complex and multifaceted artistry.

Catalogue raisonné – Spiritualistic Drawings 1896-1910

Daniel Birnbaum introduces the first volume of Hilma af Klints Catalogue Raisonné – Spiritualistic Drawings (1889-1910). The abstraction in Hilma af Klint’s pictures developed over time and a group of friends played a major role.

Catalogue raisonné – The Paintings for the Temple 1906-1915

Daniel Birnbaum introduces the second volume of Hilma af Klints Catalogue Raisonné -The Paintings for the Temple (1906-1915), the best known of Hilma af Klint’s series of works.

Catalogue raisonné – The Blue Books

Daniel Birnbaum introduces the third volume of Hilma af Klints Catalogue Raisonné -The Blue Books. Ten blue sketchbooks contain Hilma af Klint’s miniatures for The Paintings for the Temple

A miniseries about Hilma af Klint

Together with international art historians, museum directors and scholars devoted to esotericism among other things, we have created a miniseries about Hilma af Klint’s life and artistry.

Interview with art historian Julia Voss

In this first episode we get to listen to the author and Hilma connoisseur Julia Voss who tells about the different myths that surround Hilma af Klint – and what her dream of the temple is really about.

Interview with Hedvig Martin Ahlén

In this second episode, we listen to doctoral student Hedvig Martin Ahlén who tells us about the spiritualist group Hilma was part of, an important starting point for her abstract works.

Interview with researcher Marco Pasi

In this third episode, we listen to Marco Pasi who tells about the esoteric and revolutionary aspects of Hilma af Klints Work.

Interview with art historian Ulf Wagner

In this fourth and final episode, we meet Ulf Wagner, artist and board member of the The Hilma af Klint Foundation. Wagner was one of the first people to work with Hilma af Klint’s paintings.

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