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Quinlan Terry

The Layman’s Guide to Classical Architecture

How do you draw a column? What distinguishes the different orders of columns, and is it really possible for anyone at all to learn how to interpret classical architecture?

Quinlan Terry, one of the worlds most noted classical architects, has designed cathedrals, castles, villas and university buildings in traditional style. All of his knowledge has now been gathered in The Layman's Guide to Classical Architecture, a complete guide to the rudiments of classical architecture. Using his own drawings and sketches, Quinlan Terry shows step-by-step the structure of the different orders of columns, the relevance of proportions and the importance of the right materials and construction. The book is a contemporary version of the many pattern books in history that previously taught the same knowledge to architects, artisans and clients.  Today a wider group of people can benefit greatly from learning about classical architecture, both as historical background and as inspiration for today. The foreword is written by Britains Prince Charles, who has worked in partnership with Quinlan Terry for many years.

Therese Melander


Clive Aslet


Clive Aslet är en prisbelönad skribent och journalist som publicerat fler än tjugo böcker.


Quinlan Terry


Quinlan Terry är en brittisk arkitekt som är verksam i den klassiska traditionen och har specialiserat sig på högkvalitativa byggnader för privata kunder i Storbritannien, Irland och USA. Hans byrå, Quinlan Terry Architects LLP, har sitt säte i Dedham, Essex. Bland hans offentliga verk finns bebyggelsen längs vattnet vid Richmond Riverside, Queen Mother Square i Poundbury och Brentwood Cathedral, som 2022 klassades som Grade II.

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