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Dr. Kjell A. Nordström

The Monkey and the Money

Cash. Dough. Brass. Moolah. Few things have so many nicknames as money. But what is money really? What is interest and how do stock trading and cryptocurrencies work? Does money make people happy, and if so, how much do you need?

Sometime around two million years ago, we discovered that we could trade one thing for another, and that launched the global economy. How did we get to where we are today? And what does the future look like for this enormous, complex, global economy, which especially in recent years has been shown to be vulnerable?

In this knowledge-packed, eye-opening and unusually entertaining book, we are guided from the very simplest forms of trading in prehistoric times through the modern-day transformation of the world into a single, vibrant bazaar where everyone trades things with everyone else 24/7.

Therese Melander



Kjell A. Nordström är ekonomie doktor, forskare och föreläsare.

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