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10 nominations for The Publishing Prize. Read about our nominated titles here.

  • 1 September, 2022
  • Author: Simon-hohn

We’re proud to announce that no less than ten of our titles are nominated for The Publishing Prize 2022. Six of the nominated titles are available in English.

Nation, State and Empire

How does a nation emerge? How is unity achieved in an empire with a diverse population? With the end of the Cold War and the triumph of globalisation, many believed that nationalism now was a thing of the past: instead the opposite is true. Today, we can see nationalism spreading across the world. The essays in this anthology consider how different kinds of identity are tied to different kinds of communities. Editor: Kurt Almqvist. Read more about Nation, State and Empire here.

The Layman’s Guide to Classical Architecture

How do you draw a column? What distinguishes the different orders of columns, and is it really possible for anyone at all to learn how to interpret classical architecture? Quinlan Terry, one of the worlds most noted classical architects, has designed cathedrals, castles, villas and university buildings in traditional style. All of his knowledge has now been gathered in The Layman’s Guide to Classical Architecture, a complete guide to the rudiments of classical architecture. Read more about The Layman’s Guide to Classical Architecture here.

Collecting Nature

In this book, a picture is created of how the world of ideas in collecting has developed and continues to influence us today. The history of collecting natural history specimens touches upon many aspects of our past. Ultimately, collecting natural history specimens reflected a kind of wonder about creation. Collecting Nature places the Timm Natural Collection in Sweden in a larger context so that the reader encounters other collectors, thinkers, and scientists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the book, a picture is created of how the world of ideas in collecting has developed and continues to influence us even today. Read more about Collecting Nature here.

The Return of Geopolitics

It wasn’t so long ago that a notion gained currency suggesting we had reached the end of history, that humanity’s sociocultural evolution had advanced to a point beyond which it could not develop much further. A quarter of a century later, this optimism seems to have vanished. Instead, we are witnessing the return of geopolitics. In this volume, leading scholars chart how we arrived where we are today and where we might be going next. Read more about The Return of Geopolitics here.

Hilma af Klint – Geometric Series and Other Works 1917–1920

Since 2020, Stolpe Publishing has been working on a catalogue raisonné on the Swedish painter Hilma af Klint. During the last years of the 1910s, Hilma af Klint created several series of small paintings in which she systematically explored an abstract idiom with the help of ruler and compasses, which have been collected in this volume. Read more about the Hilma af Klint catalogue raisonné here.

The Art and Craft of Garden Making

Thomas H. Mawsons book was first published in 1900 and is a classic today, the definitive guide to garden making. It has been published in many editions; the fifth edition from 1926 is considered the most beautiful. This edition is now available as a facsimile to give more people the opportunity to discover Mawsons exquisite work. The book contains a new foreword written by Clive Aslet. Read more about the Art and Craft of Garden Making here.

Traditioner och högtider will be available in English in 2023, Folktro – en besjälad värld, Axel Törneman och modernismen och Folktrons väsen are currently only available in Swedish.

Read more about The Publishing Prize here.

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