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Pehr Sällström

Pehr Sällström


Pehr Sällström is Ph.D. in physics. He graduated at Stockholm University.

The task to edit a Swedish translation of Goethe’s Farbenlehre, appearing in 1976, made him deeply interested in colour perception. He has since then given lectures within courses in art, environmental psychology and architecture, done research in quality assessment of modern light sources. He has published books –Goethes färglära (“About Goethe’s Colour Theory”), Goethe och naturvetenskapen (“Goethe’s Way of Science”) – as well as a general discussion of colour issues (“Samtal om färgseendets gåta”). He has developed a computer program for exploring colour perception phenomena on a computer screen (“Färglära på datorn”, 1998). He made the film, Monochromatic Shadow Rays, taking up Goethe’s criticism of Newton’s concept of coloured rays.

Books by Pehr Sällström

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