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Royalty and Architecture : Visions and Ambitions of European Monarchs

In this richly illustrated book, a number of scholars provide additional examples and perspectives on the importance of monarchs for architecture and architecture policy.     

It is well known that, throughout history, royalty have built castles, fortresses and entire cities to show their power. However, less consideration has been given to individual monarchs who pursued an interest in architecture and in some cases acted as architects.    Recent research on Gustav III (1746 1792) has shown that he was in fact the architect for a number of important building projects. His relative George III of England (1760 1820) also had a great interest in architecture, and his drawings and sketches have been preserved. In this richly illustrated book, a number of scholars provide additional examples and perspectives on the importance of monarchs for architecture and architecture policy.   Contributing writers: Barbara Arciszewska, Clive Aslet, Basile Baudez, John Goodall, Michael Hall, Elisabeth Kieven, Rebecca Lyons, Magnus Olausson, Frank Salmon, Ian Thompson, Simon Thurley, Michael Turner, David Watkin, Melanie Doderer-Winkler    Edited by: Clive Aslet and Frank Salmon   Frank Salmon is Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in History of Art, University of Cambridge and a Fellow at St John s College, Cambridge. Since 2021 Dr Salmon is director at the Cambridge based The Ax:son Johnson Centre for the Study of Classical Architecture.

  • ISBN: 9789189425958
  • Published: 2023-04-26
  • Graphic design: Patric Leo
  • Illustrated. 250 pages.
Press contact:
Therese Melander


Clive Aslet is an award-winning writer and journalist who has published over twenty books.

Frank Salmon is Associate Professor of the History of Art at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge (having served as President of the College 2015-19).  


Barbara Arciszewska, Professor at the Institute of Art History, University of Warsaw, is a graduate of the Courtauld Institute of Art and University of Toronto.

Basile Baudez is assistant professor of architectural history in the Art & Archaeology department at Princeton University. His first book, Architecture et Tradition Académique au Siècle des Lumières (2012), questions the role of architects in early modern European academies.

Elisabeth Kieven is an art historian. Her research concentrates on Italian, especially Roman,architecture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and its international impact, with a focus on architectural drawings.

Ian Thompson was formerly Reader in Landscape Architecture at Newcastle University, where he remains a Visiting Fellow.

John Goodall is the architectural editor of Country Life responsible for writing and commissioning the celebrated series of architectural features published in the magazine every week.

Magnus Olausson is an associate professor at Uppsala University (where he completed a doctorate in art studies in 1993), is an art historian and has worked since 1986 at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, where he is currently head of the Collections Department.

Rebecca Lyons is Director of Collections, Library, Archive and Public Programme at the Royal Academy of Arts, and an art-historian of eighteenth and nineteenth-century collections and collecting.

Dr Simon Thurley CBE is a leading architectural historian, writer and heritage expert who currently chairs the UK National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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